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In 2022 I had an okay year, given how badly the market averages did. My portfolio total return was 8%. That did not involve options or shorting stocks. Star Bulk dividends offset a decline in its stock price. I bought (or added to) many biotechs near their bottom. In particular GlycoMimetics (GLYC) did well, but for that to continue it will have to report positive Phase 3 AML trial resuls in Q1 2023.

Quite some time ago I realized this site is outdated. I mainly use it for my own notes on earnings calls, but nowadays it is easy to get copies of earnings call transcripts, for instance at Seeking Alpha. So while I may make some additions, for now the site goes into mothballs. And the domain name is for sale if you want it badly enough to pay a reasonable price for it. Have a great 2023!
-- William Meyers

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