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Here is a simple fix for a problem that cropped up on my wife's and my Microsoft Vista computers today.

The spelling check did not work. It had worked in the past. It said the language selected was not available.

Quick Fix overview: In Options under Tools, pick the spelling tab. Change the language from English to any of the other three choices (Spanish) worked for me. Try the spell check in an email; it will check, but for Spanish. Then just change the spall checking language back to English (again, Options, Tools, spelling tab).

It worked for our computers, but whether it works for you depends on if you are hit by the same bug. We just did some Windows Updates, which I am figuring messed up the language configuration setting.

In detail:

In Windows Mail (the main program window, not in an email window), click on Tools, then on Options. In the Options box click on the Spelling tab. At the bottom of the Spelling options page is the Language setting. Change it to a new language.

Make sure the new language is working. If you still get an error, you have a different bug than the one this sequence fixes.

Repeat the first step, but now change it back to the language you want, English for most of you.

Your spell checking should now work. If not, you have a different bug.

William P. Meyers
June 25, 2009