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by William P. Meyers

Try it! Get a random stock from Large Cap 100 list:

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You may just want to try your luck. Or you may want to diversify, test a hypothesis, or get a new idea to research.

About the Large Cap 100 list

The list of large capitalization stocks used by this Random Stock Picker was generated from a screening service in January, 2012. It includes the companies that are available to trade on the major U.S. exchanges: the NYSE, NASDAQ, and OTC. Most of the companies are American, but it includes some non-U.S. companies that trade on U.S. exchanges through the American Depository Receipt (ADR) system.

Our list is by no means definitive. On any given days company market capitalization fluctuates, so if we screened today we would probably get a different list.

Given that the point is to build a portfolio using random picks, the list to pick from mainly determines overall risk in the portfolio. Usually, but not always, large cap stocks are the least risky class. Risk increases as market capitalization goes down.

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